Send Nudes?… How About No?!


Here’s a very short blog, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

–Is respect really too much to ask for these days?–

This happens to women on a daily basis, men (not all men, but many) become interested in a woman and start to ask them for nudes. Some women are fine with sending them, it’s a way to spice up their sex life, so why not? Other women get asked to send nudes and are not comfortable in sending them. If a woman says no and that she is not comfortable, why the F* should you pressure her any further into sending one?

Women, always remember: MY BODY MY CHOICE!!

We should not have to explain this any further to a man begging us for nudes. A man that is truly interested in getting to know you will make the effort to get to know you for who you are through words. If he tries to make you feel guilty for not wanting to send him nudes… block and delete girl, block and DELETE. You don’t need a man to disrespect you like that!

We have one body, and us women need to learn to respect our bodies.

Never let a man treat you like an object or a piece of meat! Always remember your value!


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